The latest sequencing technology in the Nuclear Mitome Test identifies mutations in more than 400 genes.

Seattle Children’s Hospital Biochemical Genetics director and University of Washington Pediatrics professor Sihoun Hahn said hundreds of genes have been identified as causative or potentially related to mitochondrial diseases that can have symptoms affecting many parts of the body, such as muscle, liver and the nervous system.

"Using the Nuclear Mitome test to find the defective genes, clinicians will be able to make a diagnosis and plan the most effective treatments," Hahn said.

Transgenomic CEO Craig Tuttle said the Nuclear Mitome test presents an opportunity for their Clinical Laboratories division, potentially doubling their current sales over the next three years in the area of mitochondrial disorder genetic testing, which today includes a menu of over 20 distinct tests, and positions the company for success in the future.

Transgenomic has three business divisions – Transgenomic Pharmacogenomic Services, Transgenomic Clinical Laboratories and Transgenomic Diagnostic Tools.