In connection with the merger, it is anticipated that the original Precipio security holders will receive between 62% and 80% of the outstanding shares of the combined company, depending on the relative amount of outstanding liabilities of the parties at closing and prior to the investment of new capital.

The merger is expected to close in 2016, pending approval by Transgenomic shareholders and other closing conditions set forth in the merger agreement.

Simultaneous to the merger, the combined company will receive an investment of up to $7 million from a syndicate led by BV Advisory Partners in a private placement of preferred convertible securities, and $3.0 million of outstanding debt of each company is expected to convert into this same class of preferred convertible securities.

This comprehensive transaction will provide the Company with a clean balance sheet and sufficient capital to achieve its planned expansion.

Transgenomic has filed to complete a reverse stock split of between one-for-ten and one-for-thirty before the merger closes, and the company’s outstanding debt is expected to convert into common and preferred shares.

The companies expect that shares of the combined company will be listed on the NASDAQ exchange and trade under the “PRPO” ticker (subject to filing and approval by NASDAQ). The merger agreement provides that, Ilan Danieli, Precipio founder and Chief Executive Officer, will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the combined company. BV Advisory Partners is acting as advisor to the transaction.

Paul Kinnon, Transgenomic President and Chief Executive Officer, said “In recent years we have transitioned from a provider of conventional life science tools and diagnostic services into an innovative biotechnology enterprise focused on advancing precision medicine. We have done this through our revolutionary ICE COLD-PCR (ICP) technology, which enables accurate, non-invasive tumor profiling using circulating DNA in patient plasma.

“We have established a solid platform for commercialization of ICP, with leading global distributors and a solid pipeline of potential agreements with partners and customers.

This is a good time to join forces with Precipio, which shares our commitment to accurate and timely advanced cancer diagnostics and has established an impressive infrastructure of academic experts and a growing customer base, validated by successful case studies. I look forward to working with my new colleagues to ensure a successful transition.”

Ilan Danieli, Precipio founder and Chief Executive Officer, said “We are proud of Precipio’s progress in building a growing platform that provides unique services to cancer patients and their physicians by providing a demonstrated superior level of diagnostic accuracy, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment.”

Keith Barksdale, Founder of BV Advisory Partners, commented, “Transgenomic and Precipio have complementary strengths with the potential to be a dynamic and strong competitor in the rapidly growing market for advanced cancer diagnostics.

“ICP is a revolutionary mutation detection technology that is now available through global distributors, and adoption by drug researchers and developers is ramping up. The technology is also available to help guide cancer diagnosis and treatment through Transgenomic’s CLIA laboratory.

“Precipio’s platform of leading academic cancer experts provides superior diagnostic accuracy level to oncologists and their patients; it represents a unique resource that can benefit from and leverage the power of ICE COLD-PCR. We look forward to working with the combined company going forward to help assure its growth and success.”