Previously, on the 10th of November, 2009, Life Spine had launched the Avatar minimally invasive spinal system that provides an approach to deliver percutaneous pedicle screws. Combining the new screw delivery system with a variety of rod insertion mechanisms, the system is designed to accommodate evolving surgical approaches, as well as pathologies requiring in-situ reduction, distraction, and compression.

Richard Randall, CEO of TranS1, said: “I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to distribute the Avatar product line through our direct sales force. Many of the procedures which utilize the AxiaLIF system also use minimally invasive pedicle screws for posterior fixation. We believe that having this product will allow us to increase our procedural revenue while better serving our surgeons and their patients.”

TranS1 currently markets two single-level fusion products, the AxiaLIF and the AxiaLIF 360, and a two-level fusion product, the AxiaLIF 2L, in the US and Europe.

Life Spine is a full line spine company which develops and markets a family of spinal implants and instruments to serve the orthopedic and neurosurgery communities.