Styku, a California-based software and Microsoft Accelerator company, leverages Microsoft Kinect hardware to provide users world-class, real-time 3D body scanning and analysis.

Together with its other strategic partners, TrainerMD members now have the means to see, hear and feel their health like never before.

"Bringing Styku on board is a game changer for us and, more importantly, for our users," said TrainerMD CEO and Founder, Joe Howley. "Styku's precise, next generation, noninvasive body measurement is like nothing we've seen before.

“This is a natural partnership as Styku's vision aligns perfectly with our vision for the Physician Directed 360°Health Program. We are looking forward to bringing this to our members, offering them instant insights into their fitness progression, while giving their trainers, physical therapists, and physicians instantaneous access to the same data for real-time risk assessment and treatment."

A Styku 3D Body Scan takes just 30 seconds to complete. Members simply stand on a turntable while the platform rotates safely, capturing millions of data points that are instantly and securely fed into the TrainerMD platform to enable precision goal tracking and health assessments.

With this real-time data input, trainers, physical therapists and other caregivers using the TrainerMD platform have access to extract measurements, changes in body shape, fitness and health metrics and much more.

"We are excited to join TrainerMD and its partners in their efforts to disrupt traditional preventative healthcare models," said Raj Sareen, CEO of Styku and a former NASA researcher.

 "This is uncharted territory for all of us, but by joining forces, we have a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of millions of healthcare consumers by automating delivery of 360-degree healthcare intelligence. The combination of our leading edge technologies offers the most advanced, sophisticated ways to capture and share health and nutrition data on the market."

Complementing these innovative technologies, TrainerMD subscribers will also have the opportunity to attend two physician/trainer directed group support workshops each month.

TrainerMD members receive nutrition and fitness education, coaching, rewards and accountability to help keep them engaged and highly motivated while achieving their personal goals. A dream team of medical, nutrition, fitness and technology experts will guide members through each phase of their program.