In the late 1980s Gow’s work began in earnest on electronic arms, including shoulders, wrists and hands. In 1993, a partial hand system received international publicity and in 1998, major international profile was achieved through the fitting of the world’s first electrically powered shoulder. In 2000 further clinical fittings and publicity with partial hands was a catalyst for the decision to set up Touch Bionics.

Speaking about his departure from Touch Bionics Gow said “I have immensely enjoyed my time with Touch Bionics and look forward to even greater strides by the company in the field of upper limb prosthetics.” He continued “It was really in 2005, with funding from existing and new investors, including Archangel Informal Investments and the Scottish Co-investment Fund, that we started the commercialisation of my ideas – it’s very rewarding to have over 500 users from all over the world wearing an i-LIMB Hand.”

In his expanding role within NHS Lothian, David will become Head of SMART Services and will be focusing his experience and efforts into managing strategic service change and modernisation of Mobility, Prosthetic and Bioengineering Services for the South East of Scotland.

Commenting on Gow’s departure, Stuart Mead, chief executive officer of Touch Bionics said “We wish David every success with his continued work in the fields of prosthetics and patient care. David and I have shared some exciting and rewarding times and our ever-expanding team will continue to build upon his pioneering work.”

Robert Pattullo, a director of Archangel Informal Investments, said “Archangels are proud to have backed David Gow with his i-LIMB Hand which has revolutionised upper limb prosthetics and massively improved the lives of those who have lost their hands.”