Toshiba America Medical Systems has introduced 160-detector row helical scanning, which is the helical scan mode with the largest number of detector rows available, on the Aquilion ONE and Aquilion Premium system editions.

Toshiba said that the ultra helical scanning can image the entire chest, abdomen and pelvis in less than five seconds, which is 2.5 times faster than 64-detector row imaging.

The ultra helical scanning mode produces less motion artifact and provides clinicians with high-quality images for accurate diagnosis, allowing them to quickly obtain the information needed.

Toshiba’s ultra helical scanning can capture a routine body scan in less than five seconds and can improve workflow for facilities by allowing them to complete exams more quickly and accurately.

Toshiba CT Business Unit director Joseph Cooper said that the introduction of ultra helical scanning continues Toshiba’s tradition of developing CT technology to meet the needs of healthcare facilities today.

"The ability of Toshiba’s ultra helical scanning to image the entire chest, abdomen and pelvis in less than five seconds is unmatched in the industry and has the potential to improve the ability for clinicians to rapidly obtain highly accurate images," Cooper said.