BioFiber Surgical Mesh complements Tornier’s expanding line of biologic products for upper and lower extremity surgeons, including the Conexa Reconstructive Tissue Matrix that has been in clinical use since 2008.

Tornier said the BioFiber Surgical Mesh is distinguished by both its mesh design and polymer composition.

The mesh is a proprietary three dimensional structure designed to provide a strong, but flexible scaffold for cell migration and enhanced healing,

The fibers of the mesh are derived from a new class of proprietary resorbable polymers called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), which are developed by Tornier’s corporate partner, Tepha Medical Devices of Lexington, Massachusetts.

Mayo Clinic in Rochester Orthopedic Surgery professor John Sperling said BioFiber’s unique mesh design and its biocompatible resorbable polymer composition provide an ideal scaffold to support healing at these surgical attachment sites.