Titan Medical has signed an agreement with CAE Healthcare for various services related to the development of it’s Amadeus clinical-grade robotic surgery platform. Once completed, the platform could be used, not only to perform surgery at a distance, but also to train surgeons via simulation.

As part of the agreement, CAE Healthcare will deliver an engineering development management environment platform. The agreement includes options, which if exercised, would make CAE Healthcare the exclusive training provider for the Amadeus robotic surgical platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, both parties will focus their initial efforts in setting out requirements of the surgeon console to meet FDA standards. In addition, CAE Healthcare will install at the Titan Medical’s development location in Ancaster, Ontario, an engineering development management environment platform.

Guillaume Herve, president of CAE Healthcare, said: “We are proud to partner with Titan Medical. This agreement marks an innovative and significant step for CAE Healthcare as we will be applying our simulation and modelling expertise to help analyze, research, and develop the world’s next generation robotic surgery platform.

“CAE’s modelling and simulation tools are already used by aircraft manufacturers to research, test and validate the design of new aircraft. We are now bringing those best practices to healthcare.”

Reiza Rayman, president of Titan Medical, said: “This agreement represents a major advancement toward realizing our objective of commercializing Amadeus? that will overcome the current limitations of robotic surgery. As a multiengine instrument rated pilot, I understand the importance of simulation and training for aviation safety.

“A world-class development partner such as CAE Healthcare serves to validate our critically enabling technologies, reduce development risk and cost as well as accelerate the development of Amadeus?, while also leveraging CAE’s unmatched expertise in simulation and training to heighten surgical safety.”