By using AeroScout’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) running on it’s existing Wi-Fi network, Tift tracks and manages medical equipment and wirelessly monitors temperatures in refrigerators and freezers.

AeroScout’s Temperature Monitoring solution is used to automate the monitoring of refrigerators and freezers, which contain medications and other critical items.

Wi-Fi Temperature Tags measure temperatures on a defined time interval and transmit the data wirelessly to AeroScout’s MobileView software.

AeroScout’s Asset Tracking & Management solution is used to quickly locate critical equipment, such as wheelchairs, stretchers and infusion pumps, throughout the facility.

By using Asset Tracking & Management solution caregivers no longer have to manually search the hospital for available equipment, they are able to spend more time attending to patients and have the proper items when and where they need them.

Additionally, AeroScout Wi-Fi Tags tracks the hospital location of each crash cart and uses reports to show the expiration date of time-sensitive supplies, ensuring that items are either used or are taken out of rotation before they expire.