Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced Li-Ion battery fuel gauge integrated circuit, called the bq27421, which improves battery run-time in portable medical devices.

Using TI’s proven Impedance Track advanced battery technology, the bq27421 system-side fuel gauge in a 9-ball chipscale (WCSP) package not only automatically and accurately reports the remaining battery capacity, but also the state of charge and battery voltage. This allows medical portable devices such as wearable health mointors to extend run-time by more than 50%.

bq24721’s integrated sense resistor and tiny WCSP package of 1.5-mm by 1.5-mm by 0.5-mm offers a smaller sized solution compared to other guages.

Its single-cell battery fuel gauge supports embedded or removable Li-Ion batteries. It requires minimal user configuration and system microcontroller firmware development compared to other devices.

The device’s Impedance track technology provides battery capacity measurement and also automatically adjusts for battery aging, self-discharge, temperature and rate changes.

Battery management vice president Steve Lambouses said that the users of portable medical and other electronics need an accurate prediction of remaining battery capacity to better manage their device and decide when to recharge or replace the battery.

"Whether it’s a blood glucose meter, wearable patient monitor bracelet or portable inventory scanner, you need accurate information to make good decisions," Lambouses added.