MCR is a standalone fully functional mHealth personal health record (PHR) platform.

It contains dynamic modules that enable personal health information exchange information to third party electronic medical record (EMR) platforms or instant messaging transmission of vital health information to crisis response team personnel on the scene.

Theis & Associates CEO Gerald Theis said My Crisis Record is a product and service that allows consumers or those with special needs, and their caregivers to manage their personal health crisis record – either by smart phone, online or stored on a portable USB.

"We have approached the American Red Cross, and are currently exploring options to provide MCR as a collaborative care tool to the Japanese Government to assist in the current disaster & recovery management, and future preparedness and medical emergency planning," Theis said.

"We are focused on launching MCR on a global scale enabling first responders and emergency room personnel to make knowledge-based assessments, reduce adverse events, and save lives by having access to emergency contact information, current medications, recent illnesses, immunizations, surgeries, and allergies."