Dx-System provides information about patients’ pharyngeal acid exposure and its role in several comorbidities, helping physicians diagnose the cause of each patient’s symptoms accurately, and treat the patient more effectively.

“The Restech Dx-System is a patient-friendly way in which to diagnose an increasingly important clinical problem – GERD related respiratory and pharyngeal problems,” said Christy M. Dunst, M.D., Primary Investigator, The Oregon Clinic. “Our patients are often plagued with chronic symptoms like cough, sore throat or hoarseness that can be very difficult for their specialists to diagnosis. Since GERD is potentially treatable, identifying it as the cause of the problem can eventually lead to a definitive treatment. We are excited to offer this comfortable diagnostic procedure to our patients being treated in the GMIS Foregut Program.”

Kristy Fresh, Director of Operations, The Oregon Clinic, said, “We provide our adult patients with the latest and most advanced diagnostic testing available on the West Coast, as well as a full line of treatment options tailored specific to each patient’s individual needs and lifestyle. The Restech DX-System helps us to determine the least invasive intervention to relieve patients’ problems for a variety of esophageal and digestive disorders.”