The OIC Hip Nail System consists of short and long nails with a pre-loaded cannulated set screw, 10.5mm lag screws, and 5.0mm cross-lock screws. The long nails feature a 1.0 meter bow for better anatomic fit.

The system is designed to achieve optimal stability upon fracture reduction and fixation, while a full carbon-fiber targeter provides for unobstructed views under fluoroscopy.

Consistent with OIC’s existing portfolio of implants, the OIC Hip Nail System has been created in response to US Healthcare’s demand for better value to ensure its sustainability and uncompromising clinical outcomes.

Todd Martens, VP of Product Design and Development, said of the announcement, "We have been really excited to launch this system. Hip fractures are the most commonly occurring fracture patterns. Being able to offer state of the art technology at a fraction of the cost of conventional vendors will have a profound impact on our country’s healthcare spend."

About Orthopaedic Implant Company: OIC entered the medical device market in 2010 with an innovative approach to delivering the highest quality implants at the lowest possible price. OIC implants cost 50 to 60 percent less than the average market price of premium implants, saving health care systems millions of dollars a year.

OIC’s high-quality, low-cost implants and products can be used for a variety of procedures, including treatment of orthopaedic trauma and spinal injuries. All OIC products are FDA approved and manufactured in FDA approved facilities.