Terumo Cardiovascular Systems has introduced VirtuoSaph Plus Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System following clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Terumo said the VirtuoSaph Plus system is optimised for conduit quality during coronary artery bypass graft surgery and peripheral artery bypass graft procedures and uses simultaneous cut-and-seal technology while minimising thermal spread.

According to an independent study by the University of Michigan, the use of the VirtuoSaph EVH system resulted in zero thermal spread in a large number of vessel samples.

The VirtuoSaph Plus system provides an endoscopic approach to vessel harvesting and also functions as an ergonomically designed easy to use device for the cardiac surgery team.

Terumo added that the VirtuoSaph Plus system consistently delivers bypass grafts with a new standard of care with targeted energy delivery away from the vessel, spot cautery and an open CO2 delivery design.