TeraMedica Healthcare Technology (TeraMedica), was granted US patent number 7583861 by the USPTO. According to Jim Prekop, president and chief executive officer: “This patent for our Evercore solution clearly differentiates and protects TeraMedica’s unique position in the global marketplace. It highlights our commitment to improving patient care, reducing cost of healthcare and enhancing physician acceptance in the new patient centered electronic medical domain.”

“As one of the original patent authors I am pleased that the USPTO recognized the unique engineering achievements present in TeraMedica’s patent. By advancing the concept of Clinical Information Lifecycle Management (C-ILM) for these complex datasets, our products can provide healthcare customers with much needed cost savings as well as access to critical patient data.” said Tim O’Connor, VP Engineering.

Through the use of clinically-based rules and multi-tiered storage, the Evercore solution can manage data using smarter, more efficient methods to reduce required storage space and more effectively provide patient data to clinical consumers.

TeraMedica’s Evercore solution provides for the intelligent management of clinical data using a unique, highly scalable solution based on clinical business rules that logically and or physically segments shared storage infrastructures. In addition, in support of national and global imperatives requiring access to clinical data, the solution serves clinical datasets to electronic medical record systems using web browser-based technologies.