This approval allows immediate commercialization of the systems in Europe.

The TL-400 offers physicians with a stream of real-time advanced hemodynamic data that was earlier done with either highly invasive devices or less invasive technologies. It captures patient’s beat-to-beat waveform and blood pressure without usage of needle.

The TL-300, which is already available in the US and Chinese markets provides a stream of real-time beat-to-beat arterial waveform and blood pressure, avoiding the blind-time associated with a deflated or inaccurate cuff.

Claimed to improve overall hemodynamic monitoring, both devices feature a touch-screen user interface.

Tensys COO Jamie Sulley noted the TL-400 and TL-300 represent significant advances in non-invasive, hemodynamic monitoring tools.

"Measuring advanced hemodynamic parameters in a completely non-invasive fashion opens new avenues in critical care as these platforms display vital patient data with almost zero patient risk," Sulley added.