According to Teleflex, the new, vascular access device provides clinicians a faster, safer, simpler way to insert a peel away sheath for The PICC or Midline catheter placements.

The PICC Wand combines an echogenic needle, nitinol wire, sheath and dilator into an all in one safety introducer that eliminates the need to reach for separate components, improving sterile technique and reducing the risks associated with air emboli by 50% compared to Modified Seldinger Technique (MST).

The passive needle safety mechanism of The PICC Wand automatically shields the contaminated needle during the procedure reducing the risk of accidental needle stick injury.

Access Scientific CEO Steve Bierman said that having seen The PICC Wand in operation, in some of the most challenging cases, he can assert without any doubt that the Accelerated Seldinger Technique establishes a new standard of care and both patients and healthcare workers benefit significantly from the Wand’s safety and efficiency features.