The system offers ECG-based tip confirmation in a highly portable, lightweight and versatile design.

When coupled with the single-use TipTracker stylet, the system will provide real-time navigation and enables to trace the catheter pathway with a visible blue line on a color screen.

The system also helps to save intravascular P-wave changes as the catheter approaches the SVC, allowing to identify the lower 1/3 of the SVC, near the CAJ and eliminating the need for confirmatory chest X-ray or fluoroscopy.

Teleflex vascular access division general division and president Jay White said: “This clearance puts us in a position to establish a cost-effective standard of care in catheter navigation and placement in Europe.

“Our goal is to make zero complications a reality to improve outcomes and enhance patient and provider safety.”

Teleflex’s vascular access division produces a range of catheters for vascular access and vascular catheter management technologies, including the Arrow brand of devices in Europe.

The company produces various solutions in the fields of vascular and interventional access, surgical, anesthesia, cardiac care, urology, emergency medicine and respiratory care.