The company will also introduce LMA Supreme Next Generation Airway for EMS, Arrow EZ-IO Intraosseous Vascular Access System, and LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device, in addition to Rusch Airtraq Avant Video Laryngoscope System.

Teleflex specialty division president Linda Beneze said: "At Teleflex, we are dedicated to solving unmet clinical needs and delivering positive outcomes for clinicians and patients in the pre-hospital environment.

"Teleflex history is defined by practical innovation and the development of products designed to promote improved clinical practice and patient outcomes. We are excited to introduce the Rusch Airtraq Avant Video Laryngoscope System."

Rusch Airtraq Avant Video Laryngoscope System offers better visibility for intubating pre-hospital patients where overcoming challenging patient positioning and difficult airways is vital.

The system offers affordable per-use option with single-use disposable blades and addition of the snap-on video camera provides a rotating screen, recording capability, and multiple display options, including viewing through a smartphone.

The LMA Supreme Airway is a single-use and gastric access laryngeal mask airway with a built-in drain tube. It will fit properly and ventilate sufficiently due to its advanced design.

The Arrow EZ-IO Vascular Access System has been developed to offer medical professional rapid vascular access to the central circulation within seconds and deliver medications, intravenous fluids and blood products to adult and pediatric patients.

LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal Mucosal Atomization Device has been developed for IV drug delivery by avoiding the risk of needle stick injury.