The firm has developed new Comfort Flo Plus to be used in heated high flow nasal cannula therapy (HFNCT).

Comfort Flo Plus features silicone nares, an optional chin strap for closed mouth treatments, which will enhance positive end pressure (PEP). It also includes bifurcated head strap for a secure fit during patient movement.

Teleflex respiratory division president James Ferguson said: "Teleflex is dedicated to connecting clinicians with technology that helps improve patient outcomes and advances respiratory care.

"The addition of the Comfort Flo Plus cannula supports the growing utilization of High Flo Nasal Cannula Therapy and further demonstrates our commitment to developing products that improve the quality of people’s lives."

According to the firm, HFNCT was shown to improve pulmonary compliance, reduce work of breathing and wash out dead space leading to improved fraction of alveolar gases.

Recently, Teleflex launched new airway management device LMA Protector Airway, a single-use laryngeal mask with a dual gastric drainage channel and pharyngeal chamber designed specifically to channel high volume and high pressure gastric contents away from the airway.

Featuring silicone cuff and airway tube, the device is developed for easy and rapid insertion during difficult airway situations.