The latest products with fields-of-view of 20×22 cm, 22×22 cm and 30×30 cm, together with earlier models with dimensions of 13×13 cm and 15×15 cm, complete the Xineos family of real-time, low dose CMOS flat X-Ray detectors.

Xineos detectors are targeted at interventional procedures and are well-positioned to replace the incumbent imaging technology of TFT flat detectors and image intensifiers of up to 12" in size.

The new Xineos models, including the 2222HS, 3030HS, 2022HR and 3030HR, utilize Teledyne DALSA’s sixth generation proprietary radiation-hard CMOS active pixel design and are the industry’s first flat detectors to not only surpass the low-dose performance of Image Intensifiers but also combine this industry benchmark with the form factor advantages of traditional amorphous silicon flat panels.

Offering switchable saturation dose, low dissipation power and built-in gain, offset and defect correction, Xineos detectors are versatile, reliable and easy to integrate.

"Xineos CMOS detectors enable improvement throughout the entire healthcare chain – in diagnostics, in patient care and in their return on investment," said Dr. Mila Heeman, Senior Marketing Manager at Teledyne DALSA. "Our detectors allow physicians to expand the boundaries of imaging."

Teledyne DALSA will exhibit the following CMOS and CCD X-Ray detectors:

Xineos-1313 and Xineos CMOS flat detectors deliver low dose diagnostic image quality at full resolution and in real time. There are two versions – high dynamic range and high sensitivity.

Xineos-1515 – featuring seamless switchable saturation dose for combining high dynamic range and high sensitivity in a single device.

Argus – scanning CCD-TDI X-Ray detector platform for mammography, general radiography and dental panoramic and cephalometry applications.

Helios – optimized for mobile applications, Helios features a large CMOS active imaging area of 20×25 cm2 (8"x10") while maintaining superb image resolution with a pixel size of only 96 micrometres.

Shad-o-Box 6K HS – a high resolution CMOS detector with 50 µm pixel pitch and dimensions of 11×14 cm targeted at biopsy analysis, and other scientific and industrial applications.

Rad-icon 1520 – new high resolution large area CMOS detector featuring high speed low dose seamless switchable saturation dose and 99 micrometre pixel in 15×20 cm dimensions.