Branded as i-plaq test, the diagnostic reagent kit aids clinicians in identifying Lp-PLA2 from a regular blood test.

Lp-PLA2 is measured by clinicians to assess risk of coronary heart disease and also ischemic stroke associated with atherosclerosis in a patient.

According to Technopath, i-plaq’s superior test performance along with its easy use would drastically improve the risk assessment of cardiovascular disease for patients.

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics CEO Malcolm Bell claimed that the i-paq Test kit is capable of producing high quality patient results at clinically significant ranges.

Bell said: “This launch represents a significant development opportunity for our company as we target additional products for this large and growing new market segment."

A vascular-specific inflammatory marker, Lp-PLA2 plays a critical role in the formation of rupture-prone plaque from a standard blood test.

Higher levels of it are likely to indicate that atherosclerotic plaque is more probable of getting ruptured, leading to dangerous blood clot followed by cardiovascular disease (CVD) events.

The i-plaq Test for assessing Lp-PLA2 is said to be tested at several international sites. The tests, as per Technopath, featured number of samples to satisfy regulatory guidelines and confirm both analytical and clinical performance of the i-plaq Test.

Founded in 2004, Technopath develops and manufactures quality controls and software for patient testing.

Last month, the company launched Multichem CSF, bi-level liquid control for measuring the performance of quantitative chemical analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF).