Featuring patented dynamic meibomian imaging (DMI) technology, LipiScan allows to evaluate meibomian gland structure during routine workups in any practice setting.

TearScience also produces LipiView II and LipiFlow devices for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

MGD is a prevalent chronic, obstructive and progressive disease, which affects the tear film, visual performance and ocular comfort.

TearScience president and CEO Joseph Boorady said: "Amid growing recognition of MGD as a core root cause of fluctuating vision and discomfort, we saw the need for a technology to make assessment of meibomian glands routine.

"We are proud to transform care and lead innovation for MGD. LipiScan allows ECPs to evaluate meibomian gland structure in all patients. Because it is largely caused by modern lifestyles, many patients are at risk for MGD including surgical, contact lens and dry eye patients."

Preeya Gupta of Duke University said: "TearScience provides professionals with innovations for evaluating meibomian glands and for truly effective treatment of MGD. TearScience is continuing to grow awareness of how MGD can affect overall ocular health."