North American healthcare specialty manufacturer TEAM Technologies has expanded its infection prevention portfolio with the acquisition of ViruDefense.

Based in Burlington of Massachusetts, ViruDefense is involved in the supplying of fully domestically produced N95 respirator masks.

According to TEAM, ViruDefense acts as a crucial link in the domestic supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers.

ViruDefense’s model VDI-100 mask, which was developed in collaboration with TEAM, has been designed to integrate the filtration capabilities of an N95 respirator with the fluid resistance of a surgical mask.

The VDI-100 mask is claimed to be one of only 18 products on the Certified Equipment List of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for N95 masks for use during the current public health emergency.

Last year, ViruDefense has distributed more than 10 million N95 masks to healthcare workers.

The company has the potential to manufacture more than one million units per week to meet the increasing demand for fully domestically produced PPE.

TEAM president and CEO Marshall White said: “TEAM has built a strong platform in infection prevention and control end markets, and we are thrilled to build upon that position by combining with our partners at ViruDefense.

“Having partnered with Pieter at the original product launch, we believe this acquisition is an exciting next chapter in our relationship and furthers both of our collective missions to deliver the highest quality healthcare products in the market.”

Based in Morristown of Tennessee, TEAM Technologies offers advanced solutions for medical, oral and dental care, infection prevention and control and other healthcare applications.