Under the deal, Tandem will incorporate its future generation insulin pumps with Dexcom G5 and G6 systems.

Tandem Diabetes Care president and CEO Kim Blickenstaff said: "Integrating Tandem’s next generation pump platform with Dexcom’s future CGM systems is an important step in aligning our technologies to be used in automated insulin delivery applications."

Dexcom strategy and corporate development EVP Steve Pacelli said: "Our efforts with Tandem began with the display of CGM data on their pump and we are pleased to take this next step in the integration of our future products to support automated insulin delivery."

Based in San Diego of California, Tandem produces t:slim and t:flex insulin pumps.

The t:slim insulin pump is claimed to be one of the slimmest and smallest durable insulin pumps currently available on the market.

Tandem has designed the t:flex insulin pump to meet the needs of patients with greater insulin requirements.

Dexcom produces continuous glucose monitoring systems for the people with diabetes, as well as blood glucose monitoring systems for healthcare providers to use in hospital critical care settings.