The new smart surgical glasses have been invented by Taiwan Main Orthopedics CEO Dr Min-Liang Wang.

The Caduceus glasses enable surgeons a superiority rivaling any fictional character, specifically the man with the X-ray eyes.

The smart surgical glasses will help surgeons to examine through a patient’s body and visualize a 3D model of the anatomy of the patient’s vascular and nervous systems.

The device is said to use the trajectory of a surgical instrument similar to the GPS system.

Caduceus smart surgical glasses have been designed to enhance the skills of a surgeon during complex procedures.

Generally, a surgeon uses fluoroscopy to verify the needle insertion, which will make them to periodically look away from the patient to observe the monitor.

Caduceus smart surgical glasses allow surgeons to see the exact position of the needle without taking their eyes off of the patient.

Taiwan’s National Chung Cheng University’s electrical and computing engineering assistant professor Dr Wang said: “The patients’ benefit from the innovation of the Caduceus smart surgical glasses because recovery times are much quicker due to smaller incisions during the procedure.”

AmCad BioMed has developed new screening and imaging tool, AmCAD-UT Detection, to improve the early detection of thyroid cancer with accuracy.

Claimed to be the first ultrasound CAD for thyroid cancer detection, the new ultrasound technique enables accurate visualization of the characteristics of thyroid nodules.

According to the American Cancer Society, the thyroid cancer detection is increasing, as thyroid ultrasounds have an enhanced ability to detect small thyroid nodules earlier lacked.

Apex Medical has also developed Domus 3, which is an ingenious device to reduce patient bed sores.

An alternating overlay/replacement system aggregated with static therapy mode will help to relieve patients by alternatively deflating and inflating to create a balanced pressure affect.

The device decreases the frequency of medical staff having to move the patient to reduce bed sores.