USAID launched the Combating Zika and Future Threats Grand Challenge in April 2016 to invest up to $30 million in groundbreaking innovations from around the world to both address the current Zika outbreak and improve prevention, detection and response to future infectious disease outbreaks.

In just nine weeks, USAID received nearly 900 submissions from across the globe in response to the Challenge.

"Our experience building an IoT of diagnostic devices for TB laid the groundwork for creating Aspect™, a robust multi-disease, multi-device connectivity platform," said Chris Macek, CEO, SystemOne.

"Numerous stakeholders want data to flow from a new generation of diagnostic devices. The right systems will help sovereign governments address their countries' infectious disease outbreaks faster and more effectively, while enabling device makers to understand how their devices are performing and global funders to know where to deploy resources to fight disease as it's spreading."

SystemOne's Aspect platform will enable diagnostic devices in remote clinics, labs and mobile health units to communicate critical data over fragile networks, enabling health systems to respond more quickly to diagnoses and manage inventory, device makers to understand how their devices are performing, and global funders to more effectively assign and deploy resources.

SystemOne's first connectivity platform, GxAlert, serves approximately 1,000 tuberculosis and ebola labs and clinics.

GxAlert sends over 30,000 messages and alerts every month, and its simple, user-friendly data visualization tools are helping to accelerate treatment and streamline health care systems in 32 countries. It is currently available in six languages: English, French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Russian and Deutsch.

Founded in Massachusetts in 2012, SystemOne focuses on producing game-changing big data solutions for connected diagnostic devices. 

The company's first target has been TB, a treatable disease that infects 8 million people per year and kills 2 million. SystemOne's flagship product, GxAlert, is a medical device software that collects and shares data that:

alerts health officials when deadly drug resistant TB is detected,

reduces time to treatment by getting patients enrolled earlier,

saves health systems hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory waste, and

provides real-time and complete disease surveillance monitoring capabilities.