The EasyCellassistant is an automated cell image analysis instrument used by hematologists and clinical laboratory technologists to perform white blood cell differentials, platelet estimates and red blood cell morphology.

Sysmex America will continue to distribute CellaVision cell imaging analysis products. The EasyCellassistant enables smaller clinical laboratories to achieve detection and examination of abnormal cells while providing detailed image records compared to traditional manual methods.

Sysmex America is expected to be responsible for instrument sales, marketing and service support.

Robert Hagopian, president of Medica, said: “The addition of our robust and highly reliable cell image analysis system to Sysmex America’s hematology product offering permits even smaller clinical laboratories to gain the operational efficiencies associated with automating cell differential analysis of stained slides. We are pleased to serve as Sysmex America’s strategic partner in this endeavor.”

John Kershaw, president and CEO of Sysmex America, said: “The EasyCellassistant provides a strong strategic fit that broadens our current portfolio of cell image analysis systems, permitting us to offer highly capable solutions for laboratories of all sizes.

“The quality and productivity improvements that correlate with automated cell image analysis can now be realized by smaller clinical laboratories, which is especially important at this pivotal time in our nation’s healthcare environment.

“The addition of the Medica EasyCellassistant to our current cell image analysis product portfolio provides Sysmex America with the most comprehensive line of cell image analysis products available to meet our customers’ needs.”