The SentiMag system, which features a highly sensitive SentiMag instrument and its associated tracer Sienna+, is used as part of the current standard sentinel lymph node (SLNB) technique, designed for monitoring the spread of cancer and to plan interventions.

Currently in use in the UK, Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland, the system performs SLNB without radioisotopes or any time-consuming pre-operative preparation of the patient, according to Endomagnetics.

Agaplesion Markus Hospital Breast Cancer Center gynaecology and obstetrics department head Marc Thill said, "For that reason it may ultimately replace the standard of care."

Endomagnetics CEO Eric Mayes said, "We are extremely pleased with initial customer feedback, and partnering with a group as strong as Sysmex gives us the geographic scope and customer support we need to really make an impact."

Sysmex’s commercial products include a molecular diagnostics assay One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification (OSNA) used for the analysis of complete lymph nodes including sentinel lymph nodes for breast cancer.

Sysmex Europe managing director Michael Schaefer said, "Our sales teams across the EU have received very positive feedback from customers."