Syqe Medical, the developer of innovative technologies in the world of medical devices, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Defence to supply the SyqeAir Inhaler and Cartridges to all veterans prescribed medical cannabis by inhalation through the company’s ground-breaking platform. This first-of-its-kind agreement allows veterans treated with medical cannabis using the SyqeAir Inhaler and Cartridges to obtain them directly in the same way they access pharmaceutical drugs, thus, positioning SyqeAir’s precise, uniform, and consistent treatment as the standard of care in the field of medical cannabis.

The SyqeAir Inhaler is a revolutionary device that allows patients to effectively and accurately manage their medical cannabis treatment, ensuring optimal therapeutic benefit. It is composed of a unique, patented, metered-dose system that precisely controls the amount of cannabis delivered to the patient with each inhalation. This allows for precise dosing and a high level of patient control over their treatment. The SyqeAir Inhaler is CE (European standard) and MDL (Health Canada) approved and clinically validated by 3 clinical trials and real-world evidence publications, demonstrating its safety and efficacy.

The inhaler is designed for easy home use as well as a hospital setting. The pre-loaded cartridge contains 60 uniform doses of pharmaceutical-grade, standardized raw cannabis flowers grown by the Dutch company Bedrocan. From the moment the cartridge is inserted into the inhaler, the inhaler is ready for immediate use without any prior preparations or the need to handle the cannabis directly so that patients can take their treatment discreetly and as part of their daily routine like any other medication.

Hagit Kamin, CEO of SyqeAir, said: “We are proud of the strategic partnership with the Ministry of Defence and the opportunity to bring our breakthrough technology, the SyqeAir Inhaler, to veterans in need of medical cannabis treatment. It is our privilege to help veterans who mainly suffer from chronic pain and PTSD to establish a functioning daily routine for themselves, and we are honored for the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives.

Jacob Vogel, Director of Global Sales and Business Development, added: “It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but it’s truly rewarding to see the impact that the SyqeAir Inhaler has on the lives of our patients. The fact that we are able to provide veterans with a treatment option that has a real, positive impact on their daily functionality makes all the hard work worth it. We hope this partnership will serve as a model for other countries to follow in providing veterans with the best possible medical care.”

Source: Company Press Release