Syneron said that the targeted mechanism of action found in elure provides the pathway for a meaningful improvement in the skin’s tone, texture and radiance in seven days.

Further, elure lightens the skin without the commonly reported side effects of traditional skin lightening products, such as skin irritation.

Syneron chairman and co-founder Shimon Eckhouse said that the first commercial launch of elure in Asia marks a milestone for Syneron, entering one of the largest world cosmetic markets with a unique, patented product.

‚ÄúThis milestone emphasizes our strategy of serving all of our customer needs in the areas of aesthetic medicine with safe and effective breakthrough products,” Eckhouse said.

Syneron elure pioneer researcher Yoram Karmon said that lignin peroxidase, the active ingredient of elure, is a natural enzyme derived from a mushroom that grows on trees called Phanerochaete chrysosporium and their research confirmed that lignin peroxidase breaks down or depolymerizes melanin in human skin.