The PIVO vascular access device is an innovative solution to the age-old challenge of consistently drawing high quality blood samples with less discomfort and anxiety for hospitalized patients while enhancing safer care for practitioners.

"Blood draws are a near universal experience in healthcare – a critical procedure that can cause emotional trauma for some patients," said Sutter Health Chief Innovation Officer Chris Waugh. "Every moment matters while patients are in our care.

“If we can help make them feel more comfortable and at ease, then we are creating a healing experience at all levels. Our collaboration with Velano Vascular is the first step of what we envision will be a ground-breaking journey toward a new industry-wide standard of more compassionate care in blood draws."

Sutter Health looked to Velano's simple, elegant system design to provide a more compassionate experience for patients with improved outcomes and a safer, more efficient environment for practitioners.  

The FDA-cleared PIVO device uses a patient's existing peripheral IV line to transform blood collection standards and reduce hospitals' reliance on needle sticks and central line access for blood draws.

"It's important for us at Sutter Health to continually research and explore new ways of enhancing quality of care and how we deliver that care," said Sutter Health Chief Nursing Officer Anna Kiger, DNP, D.Sc., MBA, R.N.

"By removing the needle from the equation using the PIVO device, we aim to create a more positive patient-practitioner relationship, to deliver safer care and to bring important efficiencies to this vital procedure."

Sutter Health will evaluate the PIVO device as an initial step in an anticipated broader rollout of this novel procedure, building upon Sutter Health's investment in Velano's Series A-2 financing earlier this year.

"We are thrilled to be working with Sutter Health as an institution widely recognized for embracing new models of innovation and improved care delivery," said Velano Vascular Chief Executive Eric M. Stone.

"Sutter's commitment to human-centered design reflects a natural alignment with Velano, forming the foundation for a united effort to establish a safer, more efficient standard of care for patients and practitioners."

Velano Vascular is a medical device company committed to reducing the pain, risk, and inefficiencies of vascular access and blood collection practices.

The company's revolutionary PIVO device enables needle free blood draws directly from Peripheral IV catheters, aiming to enable more compassionate care for hospital inpatients, a safer practice for caregivers, and a more financially responsible alternative for health systems.