Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty (PNT) is a two-minute, noninvasive, alternative treatment for glaucoma and ocular hypertension, which was developed and patented by Ophthalmic International (OI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunridge.

Sunridge said that it has collaborated with Beijing Vision over the last three and a half years to complete the registration process for Pneumatic Trabeculoplasty, PNT, in China.

Richard Smith, CEO of Sunridge International, said: “The registration process for a medical device and treatment is strict in China. It is a long, expensive and tedious procedure. BV has worked over the last three and half years at a tremendous financial cost to its company to compete this process. They have performed several successful clinical trials at both private and state military hospitals as part of this effort. With approval expected in the very near future, BV is now concentrating on its marketing efforts.

“They have ordered and received delivery on 5 units with a number of disposable rings, to be placed in 5 major hospitals in Beijing. These hospitals will be used as models for the rest of the country. They are currently negotiating with a number of companies to act as sub distributors to expand distribution throughout all of China. BV is doing everything possible to ensure the marketing of PNT in China.

“This is an important event for OI. China is a major market for us, with millions of Glaucoma patients. The fact that a ‘PNT’ treatment lasts 3-4 months as a rule, with little or no side effects, makes it a very viable treatment for not only for the people of China, but for people everywhere. We expect that this will prove to be a very profitable market for OI.”