SuccessEHS said that its Mobile EHR is a convenient and portable way for physicians to review summary patient data and dictate into SuccessEHS EHR.

SuccessEHS said that by using the iPhone, physicians secure access to three patient lists (scheduled appointments, checked in patients and pending documentation) which can be manually or automatically synchronised based on the physician’s preference.

The at-a-glance encounter patient summary includes documented ICD-9 and CPT codes, vital signs, medications and allergies information the physician needs in order to accurately dictate a progress note for each encounter.

SuccessEHS COO Tina Graham said that Mobile EHR for the iPhone gives physicians secure access to critical data they need to have greater freedom to decide when and where they complete their documentation.

SuccessEHS added that the dictations are delivered to SuccessEHS software in a HIPAA compliant manner, where Nuance’s SpeechMagic engine delivers integrated speech recognition capability.