DentaQuest Institute provides practice management solutions that help dental care providers improve the oral health of their patients. The Institute is an affiliate of DentaQuest, a leading U.S. oral health enterprise and the largest dental benefits administrator in the Medicaid space, with approximately 24 million members across all sectors.

DentaQuest Institute is committed to the mission of improving oral health care for all and will use Streamline Health's Clinical Analytics solution to assist in their research. 

This year, the DentaQuest Institute became the first organization to partner with AcademyHealth in the establishment of a Delivery System Science Fellowship dedicated to advancing oral health.

DentaQuest Institute is committed to helping educate the next generation of researchers and policymakers focused on oral health.

 Research methodology residents will build retrospective cohort studies to examine treatment efficacy and to compare groups on longitudinal outcomes, both medical and dental.  As part of its mission, DentaQuest Institute is dedicated to teaching, fostering research in oral health, and defining policy that leads to better oral health for the nation.

"We chose Streamline Health because of the incredible research assistance capabilities of their Clinical Analytics platform," stated Natalia Chalmers, DDS, PhD, Director of Analytics and Publication at DentaQuest Institute. "This tool will be a great asset to us and the future leaders in oral health."

"We are pleased and proud to be able to help DentaQuest Institute enhance their research capabilities to help achieve the Triple Aim," stated David Sides, President and Chief Executive Officer, Streamline Health.

"Additionally, enabling research in oral health shows the capabilities in our Looking Glass Clinical Analytics platform can help practitioners in all areas of healthcare.  We look forward to working closely with DentaQuest Institute to help them fulfill their mission of improving oral health care for all."