The portable ultralow freezer is designed to enhance cold chain custody in clinical trials, short-term or personal storage, intra-facility transfer of frozen product, pathology transfer and other medical and non-medical applications.

The 0.9 cu.ft./25 liter cabinet weighs less than 40 lbs/18kg empty and operates on conventional 120V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz power or 12V DC power for mobile use or 28V DC for military use.

The Shuttle is quiet, minimally invasive and operates on the benchtop, in the laboratory or surgical suite or other mobile transit, Stirling Ultracold said.

Cooling is performed by a patented, non-cycling free-piston Stirling engine coupled with an isothermal thermosiphon which operates without moving parts.

Internal temperature uniformity of ±0.75°C and fast temperature recovery after lid openings are documented in the company’s online library.

A microprocessor temperature controller includes factory pre-sets of -86°C, -60°C and -40°C, field adjustable through a password protected interface complete with high temperature alarms, status codes and data entry buttons.