Stimwave Technologies (Stimwave), the manufacturer of the Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System, and Aspen Medical Products (Aspen), the industry leader in solutions for pain and mobility management, today announced a collaboration to develop an innovative wearable pain management accessory for Stimwave’s patients suffering from chronic pain.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our therapies’ patient and physician experience. The ability for a chronic pain patient to actively participate in their care, alongside their doctor is a critical component in improving their quality of life,” said Aure Bruneau, Stimwave’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our HF-EMC power transfer technology gives us a unique opportunity to combine our system with Aspen’s deep design experience that millions of patients and clinicians have trusted for decades. Together, we can now provide an improved patient-specific solution. We are also committed to leading in the development of additional therapy options that combine bracing and neuromodulation to deliver the next generation of chronic pain management.”

Stimwave’s Freedom SCS platform is designed to treat chronic pain typically associated with a patient’s back and legs by stimulating nerves along their spine. Unlike other neurostimulator devices on the market, Stimwave’s Freedom SCS therapy is powered wirelessly. To continue to enhance the patient experience with the platform, Stimwave and Aspen have partnered to develop a wearable that comfortably and securely houses the systems’ external components. The new wearable can be worn under clothing, allowing for simplified, discreet, and uninterrupted treatment.

“This partnership allows us to leverage Stimwave and Aspen’s combined capabilities into one elegant and concise system that helps patients suffering from chronic pain get back to their normal lives faster,” commented Jim Cloar, Aspen’s Chief Executive Officer. “Central to everything we do is the necessity to be a significant part of the puzzle of treating pain and changing lives for the better. We are continually focused on delivering the highest-quality products and solutions that enable pain relief and promote mobility.”

Source: Company Press Release