Status Solutions’ SARA is an automated alerting system and awareness engine that sends voice and text alerts via phone, email, etc.

SARA provides a wireless sensor network, integration tools (to existing systems and devices) and broadcast communication in a single solution.

The integration enables SARA to receive critical events from Stryker’s iBed Wireless system to enhance the level of care and patient monitoring in acute care environments.

This integration provides monitoring of Stryker iBed features such as bed exit, iBed Awareness, bed status, weight, protocols, etc.
iBed Awareness can monitor a caregiver-selected set of bed parameters.

When any of those parameters change, the Stryker iBed Wireless system will alert SARA of the change enabling enhanced alerting to a variety of end-points.

Parameters include individual siderail positions, brakes, bed exit, head of bed angle, bed height, current weight, and more.

Stryker senior group marketing manager Rich Mayoras said the combination of wireless smart bed information and a strong alerting engine will help enable caregivers to remotely monitor and be alerted of key information.

"Stryker’s iBed platform and the introduction of the industry’s 1st wireless smart beds enable the next generation of smart bed connectivity to provide valuable, real-time information that clinicians need. With Status Solutions and SARA, caregivers can get that information where and when they need it to get the most value out of it," Mayoras said.