St Jude Medical said that with the introduction of each new device in the EP lab, communication between technologies becomes more fragmented. The EnSite Derexi module is designed to streamline access, collection and storage of patient data, advancing the communication between commonly used devices.

The EnSite Derexi module enables procedural data (including relevant images, waveforms and other clinical data) and patient medical history information to be shared between the mapping and recording system to produce a single, synchronized patient record of a procedure.

Through the integration, the EnSite Derexi module provides an efficient way to manage consolidated diagnostic information to better assist physicians in developing comprehensive treatment strategies. It also has been designed to increase productivity and reduces the potential for data entry errors by eliminating the need for technicians to input redundant patient data on multiple systems.

Jane Song, president of the atrial fibrillation division at St Jude Medical, said: “The integration of the EnSite Velocity System and the EP-Workmate System is an important first step for St. Jude Medical toward our ultimate goal of creating a fully integrated and networked EP lab.

“Increasing procedural workflow efficiency is an important way to help manage the cost of delivering care, and we look forward to advancing technologies that do so by streamlining productivity and optimizing functionality in the EP lab.”