Cardiac resynchronization therapy can be delivered in an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or a pacemaker which aids physicians the ability to manage the pacing needs of patients with heart failure.

The Promote Quadra CRT-D uses quadripolar technology which integrates multiple pacing configurations facilitating physicians to optimize the system at implant and throughout the life of the patient.

The pacing system also features a Quartet left ventricular pacing lead comprising of four electrodes that enable up to 10 pacing configurations.

Multiple pacing configurations allow the physician more options including pacing closer to the base of the left ventricle and also provide additional benefits, such as pacing around scar tissue in the heart and avoiding the most common pacing complications.

Care Hospital Arrhythmia-Electrophysiology Services director Calumbur Narsimhan said this new quadripolar LV lead offers different pacing vectors and helps them to choose a vector which is devoid of Phrenic nerve capture.

"Altering pacing polarity may offer a lower pacing threshold, which is likely to improve the battery longevity," Narsimhan said