Proclaim Elite is claimed to be the first and only upgradeable and non-rechargeable SCS system for the treatment of chronic pain.

The product is also available with conditional magnetic resonance (MR) labeling, which will enable patients to safely undergo head and extremity MRI scans.

The system’s patient controller and clinician programmer will allow patients to use Bluetooth wireless technology and Apple mobile digital devices for effective management of their chronic pain treatment.

The upgradeable platform of the system helps patients to access future SCS technology upgrades without surgical device replacement.

St. Jude Medical neuromodulation medical director and medical affairs vice-president Dr Allen Burton said: "We developed the Proclaim Elite SCS system to create a more patient-centric spinal cord stimulation therapy option.

"With the launch of this device we are transforming the standard of care by packaging a series of important benefits into a single SCS device."

In November this year, St. Jude Medical obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Proclaim Elite SCS system.

According to the International Neuromodulation Society, around 95 million people in Europe suffer from chronic pain, a serious condition that can affect a patient’s personal relationships, work productivity and quality of life.