The study also maintained an average systolic blood pressure reduction of 26 mmHg points, while 76 % of patients responded to the therapy and had an average office blood pressure of 150 / 86 mmHg.

In addition, no serious acute device- or therapy-specific adverse events were reported.

Hippokration Hospital clinical associate-scientific collaborator and study coordinating investigator Vasilios Papademetriou said, "These results are important as they show that use of the EnligHTN multi-electrode renal denervation system can rapidly and safely decrease blood pressure, and the reduction is sustainable over time."

The CE marked EnligHTN renal denervation system, which features a non-occlusive basket design, guiding catheter, ablation catheter and ablation generator, delivers radiofrequency energy to create lesions along the renal sympathetic nerves, that help control blood pressure.

The company said, in addition, minimal catheter repositioning may result in a reduction of contrast and fluoroscopic (x-ray) exposure.