St. Joseph Health will use Symedical to automate the maintenance of standard vocabularies and the mapping of local and free text terms; allowing them to efficiently normalize disparate data and remove redundancy in the system’s provider and patient portal.

As a large integrated delivery network serving populations in three states, St. Joseph Health manages health information from a broad spectrum of sources.

In addition to the complexities of working with data from disparate clinical applications, redundant information about a patient can also be reported from multiple venues of care. In order to make this combined data meaningful for providers, St. Joseph Health will normalize information to a common semantic meaning and reconcile redundant information into a single entry.

"Our physicians expect and deserve the information we aggregate from internal and external sources to be an accurate and complete representation of their patient’s medical history, presented in a concise, actionable format," said Bill Russell, St. Joseph Health Chief Information Officer.

St. Joseph Health (SJH) is a $5.5bn not-for-profit integrated Catholic health care delivery system sponsored by the St. Joseph Health Ministry.