SRS Medical CEO Lee Brody said the Spanner is a synergistic addition to the company’s suite of urology products for the diagnosis and treatment of men with symptoms of bladder outlet obstruction.

"Along with our flagship CT3000 UroCuff exam, SRS continues to provide the urologist innovative tools for diagnosis and treatment in the office setting," Brody added.

The FDA and CE mark approved Spanner stent, which is designed as an alternative to an indwelling Foley catheter, enables patients to fill and empty the bladder normally while significantly reducing post void residual.

Carolina Urologic Research Center medical director Dr. Neal Shore said in a comparative prior trial with indwelling catheter, the Spanner demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in the rate of bacterial colonization, thus reducing clinically significant urinary tract infections.

"The avoidance of an external catheter and the attendant drainage bag should also result in quality of life benefit when using The Spanner," Shore added.

In addition, other clinical studies have shown that the Spanner stent safely improves urine flow rates and decreases the amount of urine left in the bladder, while published data further shows that the stent is well tolerated by patients and is preferred to a urethral catheter.