Earlier 2013, SpineVision started selling its new-generation Flex+2 dynamic and hybrid stabilization rod in Europe. In addition, 510(k) approval has been granted in the US for a range of surgical instrumentation focused on a minimally invasive approach to treating conditions related to aging and degeneration of the spine.

SpineVision CEO Arnaud Brisard noted the company is extremely pleased with the expansion of its product offerings and with the number of markets in which it has now established a considerable sales presence.

"These factors are driving our double-digit sales growth. Not only are we selling our products in the U.S. and Europe, but also we now are broadening our product offerings and presence in South America and especially Brazil, where there is significant opportunity for SpineVision.

"We are making the most out of the cash infusion we announced earlier this year, when we raised $10 million from new and existing investors for expansion of commercial operations in the U.S. market as well as for growing commercial activities in Europe and South America. We believe that SpineVision is strongly positioned to continue double-digit expansion of sales in 2014," Brisard added.