The Elite Expanding Interbody Implant is inserted into the disc space in a contracted minimal height to minimize dissection and neural retraction.

It is then incrementally expanded to restore the anatomical height of the space in order to maximize fit and potentially provide indirect neural decompression.

“During the Elite limited release, we took close note of surgeon feedback and what they desired to best treat their patients,” said John Booth, CEO of Spineology.

“Observing the surgeon reactions during the limited release and implementing requested enhancements strengthens our belief that Elite will be an exceptional, well received, interbody option in the growing expandable implant market.”

Dr. Mark Grubb of Cleveland, Ohio said, “The ability to deliver an Implant into the disc space at a minimal height in order to limit retraction and reliably control expansion is key in treating patients with spinal disorders. Elite’s instrumentation allows controlled implant delivery and precise height expansion, resulting in an overall effective system.”

Dr. Harel Deutsch of Chicago expressed, “The broad selection of implant heights and lordotic options provide exceptional flexibility and the ability to treat a large range of patients. Additionally, the distraction capabilities and ability to lock the implant at any height during expansion is a feature that further enhances device fit and restoration potential.”

Spineology Inc. provides innovative, anatomy conserving spinal technologies for surgeons and their patients.

Spineology surgical techniques conserve spinal bone, ligament and muscle tissue. Spineology is committed to increasing procedural efficiency, reducing surgical morbidity and accelerating patient recovery.