SpineGuard has received regulatory approval from the Mexican healthcare regulatory authority (COFEPRIS) to market its Cannulated PediGuard device in Mexico.

Cannulated PediGuard is intended to facilitate a challenging procedure by offering real-time information that aids spine surgeons to place pedicle screws accurately while avoiding cortical breaches and minimizing their radiation exposure due to less dependence on fluoroscopy.

More than 50 Mexican spine surgeons have been trained on this technology.

Mexico-located Hospital Almater Mexicali Neurosurgery Service chief Neurosurgeon Ricardo Flores Escamilla said, "PediGuard’s guidance allows us to place pedicle screws in an optimal way, designed to ensure superior outcomes for our patients."

The minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques offer substantial benefits to the patients such as shorter surgery times and quicker recovery.

SpineGuard CEO and co-founder Pierre Jérôme said, "The regulatory approval of Cannulated PediGuard expands our product offering in the important market of Mexico, where minimally invasive spine surgery is progressing rapidly."