SpineGuard announced that it has been granted a patent by the European Patent Office under the number 1781198 for the integration of its Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology directly into a pedicle screw, by far the most frequently used implant in spine surgery.

SpineGuard’s proprietary technology platform, already used in its marketed PediGuard product, enables surgeons to more safely and accurately place pedicle screws delivering significant benefits for patients, surgeons and hospitals.

The ‘smart screw’ product represents the next generation of the technology, migrating the sensory technology into the screw itself thereby delivering further clinical workflow, economic and patient outcome benefits.

In SpineGuard’s ‘smart screw’ concept, the sensor is embedded at the tip of the screw with the electronic component located in the screwdriver handle.

"This grant follows previous patent grants in the USA and China and, combined, means we now have an exceptionally strong and broad IP position relating to the ‘Smart Screw’ technology platform," said Stéphane Bette, CTO and co-founder of SpineGuard.

Pedicle screw-based stabilization has become the gold standard for treating spine instabilities and deformities. This one million procedure market is experiencing robust growth driven by the increasing number of patients requiring surgical treatment and increasing number of surgeons being trained in pedicle screw-based technologies.

Technological advancements such as minimally invasive surgery, bone substitutes, dynamic stabilization and thoracic screws further increase the importance of pedicle screw placement. However, accuracy of pedicle screw placement remains a critical issue in spine surgery.