Spinal Elements, a spine technology company, today announced the full commercial launch of their Ventana 3D-Printed Interbody Portfolio: The Ventana C Anterior Cervical Interbody System, Ventana P/T Posterior Lumbar Interbody System and Ventana L Lateral Lumbar Interbody System. The Ventana portfolio was developed by Spinal Elements and is the newest innovation in its MIS Ultra® platform of products and procedural solutions.

The Ventana portfolio features a uniquely designed implant architecture that maximizes bone graft volume and containment through a specialized 3D-printing process, which also minimizes the amount of titanium used to improve radiographic visualization.

“The Ventana family of implants have a 3D-printed architecture that allows for clear radiographic visualization during imaging. The implant windows allow for a large amount of bone graft to be securely placed within the disc space to ensure contact with the endplates, which I believe is essential for the fusion process,” said Neel Anand, MD, Anand Spine Group, Los Angeles, CA.

Ventana’s minimalistic radiolucent lattice design maximizes the amount of bone graft captured in the device and improves visualization during and after the spinal fusion procedure. Ventana’s design also acts like a snowshoe, allowing bone graft to come in contact with the endplates while providing a broad surface to help avoid implant subsidence. The Ventana family of devices is available in varying degrees of lordosis for sagittal balance restoration.

“The Spinal Elements team is dedicated to bringing innovative products to market that when combined with our Orbit discectomy instrument set and our fixations systems, like Karma®, Overwatch® or Sapphire X®, they successfully work together to achieve spinal fusion,” stated Ron Lloyd, CEO of Spinal Elements. “Ventana represents another major milestone in our mission to redefine spinal healthcare.”

The Ventana 3D-printed interbody portfolio was organically developed by the Spinal Elements team with input and guidance from multiple spine surgery thought leaders.

Source: Company Press Release