Spero plans to expand the clinic network to include locations in Provo, Salt Lake City and Ogden using Competitive Technologies’ (CTT), Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment, a non-invasive medical device for pain management system.

The Calmare medical device technology is used for the treatment of high-intensity oncologic and neuropathic pain, including pain resistant to traditional painkillers which often have bad side effects and possible addiction such as morphine and other drugs.

Utilizing proprietary electrical impulse algorithms programmed in the Calmare system, the technology targets the body’s C-fiber pathway versus the acute pain pathway.

Instead of ‘blocking’ the pain message which is what traditional TENS therapy offers, these electrical signals ‘re-program’ the brain to recognize the pain signal as ‘normal’ and achieve long lasting pain relief.

Spero Pain Relief Therapy director and founder Robert Chalmers said that after treating a number of patients suffering from chronic pain with CTT’s Calmare Pain Therapy medical device with extraordinary results, he realised that introducing this non-narcotic alternative therapy for chronic pain as soon as possible to long suffering patients is necessary.